The Quickbolt Chuck Dolly...

The Quickbolt is made and designed locally to deal with the conditions encountered by the Mining Industry in Australia.


 *      Increased wall thickness and robust locking mechanisms ensure maximum production life.


It reduces time by up to ten seconds in a bolting cycle - this certainly makes a difference over a 24 hour period, and a dramatic  difference when considering a 12 month period!


*     Our patented design allows the user to leave the dolly in the bolting rig when using the drill steel.  The Quickbolt remains in the bolting rig, eliminating the user from bending and twisting.  This approach decreases repetitive strain injuries and increases production time.


*      This is achieved with it's patented design.  It allows the user to leave the dolly in the bolting rig when using the drill steel.


*      The unit is fitted with a neoprene seal, and external o-bit which prevents blocked steels, saving more time in the processs.


*      Our patented dolly can extend your chuck to various levels. It can be made to suit any size up to two metres long.


*      The o- ring produces a positive mechanical seal, increasing water pressure to the drill bit.


*     It has a standard 25mm drill Chuck.


*     The Quickbolt Chuck dolly drops into all rotation units.


*     Can be manufactured as  long socket chuck dollies, made in only two pieces, lessening the potential for breakage, extending dolly life, made in less than 300mm and can be made up to 1 metre long.


*     Useful for your standard roof and rib support- can be made in a combination eg;. double dolly, which does GXT and standard roof bolting.


*     Our chuck extensions can be made from 200mm to 2 metres long, in a screw on version, and suited to any rig.





Internal Superstrand /GXT Spinner

35mm Standard Roof Bolting Socket

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